Welcome to our website. Thank you for being interested in our company and for who we are. We wish you a lot of fun! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them. We are happy to be of service. info@shans.nl or +31 (0) 6 814 903 10.



Shans is a nice place all year round, where our customers come back for an ultimate experience in colors, fabrics, possibilities and encounters while enjoying a glass of Turkish tea. We are now a familiar place among the only arcade that Amsterdam has.


The name Shans is actually a bastardization of the word serendipity in Turkish that we have invented. In other words: The gift to be able to make wonderful discoveries by pure chance.   Sahin & I met on March 19, 2010. That same evening Sahin told my mother: "Jannetje, I will marry your daughter". Hilarity at the top of course. Actually this was the first time that we experienced the deeper meaning of Shans ... ..Sahin was right, now we are married, we have children together and we are working daily in our great business.


Sahin's roots are in Turkey. I have been busy with scarves and handmade products all my life. At some point it was time to combine roots and our passion for beautiful handmade items.


In February 2015 we opened our first store in Alkmaar. The same year we set up a webshop and opened a second store in Amsterdam in the 9 streets. That was really too much work with our family with 4 beautiful sons. We therefore closed our store in Alkmaar and went looking for a larger building in the center. That was quite a search. After two years of searching, and a week before our contract would really expire, we found our current building at Raadhuisstraat 39HS between the Palace on the Dam, Westerkerk and the Anne Frank Museum. In the centre of the city.


What do you find with us:

For the largest collection of special and beautiful scarves in Amsterdam you come to us.

The most beautiful scarves in all kinds of colors, patterns and materials, varying from cashmere, (merino) wool, silk or a mix of these materials can be found in our shop. All colors and materials together give our store a warm, almost eastern atmosphere.


In addition, we make and sell our own handmade shoes. This from size 35 to size 44. Depending on the model we make, sometimes even smaller. All our shoes are made entirely of leather inside. Even the cheerful sneakers.


We do not change our hands for deviant ankle / calf / leg sizes. We measure your ankle / leg and ensure that your shoe or boot fits perfectly. Of course we will send your handmade purchase to your home address. If you do not live in the Netherlands, no problem, we send our stuff all over the world.

Even if you are looking for a different motive or looking for other types of leather, we would like to think along with you.



We recently expanded our range with truly beautiful handmade lamps. We know two variations: Or mouth blown lamps with brass, or lamps with mosaic and brass in all kinds of colors and patterns.


We like to get to know you better. And to exchange experiences. We like to do that with a cup of Turkish tea or coffee.



It is very nice to work together with other entrepreneurs. If you want to know more about our b2b options, please send an e-mail to us: info@shans.nl.

Of course you can also call: +31 (0) 6 814 903 10.